Film Stills & Visual History

vulture (2019)



By The Time We Got To Expo (2015)

Aged (2014)

Slaughterhouse (2014)



Lessons in Process (2012)

All Fall Down (2009)















Mike Hoolboom as Lachlan Brown
Nahnebawequay 1860
Janine Marchessault co-script writer All Fall Down

What these ashes wanted (2001)

Marian at Queen Hatshepsut’s Temple 1990
scraped out figure of Queen Hatshepsut

Opening Series (1992-1995)

Dad & Mom 1990

Destroying Angel (1998)

Chimera (1996)

Sweep (1995)

Sami van Ingen in youth
Hoffman at ETL, Helsinki, 1990

Technologic Ordering (1994)

20 minute workout meets Gulf War

Kitchener-Berlin (1990)

retrieving the Kaiser
Phil and totem 1986
shooting with Steadicam operator Colleen Graham 1987
at Koln
Dent Harrison found film Highway to Tomorrow or How One Makes Two
the Berlin Wall 1987
Hoffman1987: filming near Berlin Wall for Kitchener-Berlin

river (1979-1989)

underwater the Saugeen River
looking for Leon 1989

passing through/torn formations (1988)


second cousin Andrea plays young Suzie (mom) (Photo: Judy Rozencweig 1984)
Sam Cartmell plays Uncle Wally (in youth) 1986
shooting at Dachau for passing through (Photo: Judy Rozencweig) 1984
Andrea plays mom finding `Babci’ & the cows (Photo: Judy Rozencweig) 1984
(Photo: Judy Rozencweig) 1984
Babci in nursing home 1984
Driouxiox with us boys (Stephen, Babci, Marcel,Eddie,Mark,Driouxiox, Philip) 1961
Phil with Babci’s sister Aunt Hanna 1984 (Photo: Judy Rozencweig) 1984
passing through (fluid script)

?O,Zoo! (The Making of a Fiction Film) (1986)

Dutch boys 1985
?O,Zoo! Photo by Marian McMahon 1985

Somewhere Between
Jalostotitlan & Encarnacion (1984)

Marian McMahon 1986

The Road Ended at the Beach (1983)

June Leaf and Robert Frank
Phil with Jim McMurray1980
Richard & Josh
Richard & Josh

Phil, Jim, Richard & Jack 1980
Phil and editor Dave Templeton 1982
Philip by Dave Templeton 1982
Philomene & Philip at Eisenhower Junction  Alberta 1976
Richard Kerr

On The Pond (1978)

Philip with Colleen & Frannie 1963
sisters Frannie & Colleen
Philip & Philomene
Bradley Noel (as Philip) & Princess
shooting On the Pond
family walk
Babci with Mom in Czechoslovakia 1949
Dad in youth 1946
Philip & Mom 1969
on Babci’s lap 1956
Uncle Wally & Philip 1961
Philip with 27.5″ pike at McCullough Lake 1965