(HDV/Orig On 16mm, 45 Min., 2014)

Editing & Sound Design: Marcel Beltran
Music: Toni Edelmann


“The camera arrives to remind us of our masks, our winning poses, even as it challenges us to feel the passing moments, to face what cannot be faced. How does the good son meet the end of his father? With golden light, and a pair of empty lawn chairs, a lone swan, long the animal familiar for this restless traveller, the body floats above the water but the head is buried beneath the surface, hunting for clues, for the mysteries of sex and death and family that are waiting there for anyone brave enough to endure them.” The Gift Of Dying – Mike Hoolboom (read article)

“Philip Hoffman’s Aged [is] the most touching piece in this year’s fest. Hoffman assembled this 45-minute work from footage he shot over six years while tending to his infirm father. Using both analog and digital manipulation techniques, he makes the images appear otherworldly while maintaining a heartrending intimacy with his subjects.”                                              – Chicago Reader, Ben Sachs

AGED (2014 HDV) is a 45 minute experimental documentary about the relationship between aging and corporeal perception. From 2005-2011, along with my sisters, I was a caregiver for my father, during his swift movement into old age. Over this period I maintained a practice of diaristic sketching using film, video and sound, and through this process I collected a significant archive of intimate moments, at the summer cottage, where my father chose to die. This raw material has been worked and reworked through various modes of digital and filmic manipulation. Ultimately `AGED’ uncovers the common process of aging, the cinematic elements acting as a corollary for changes in human perception with a view to exceptional vision. -P. Hoffman   (Jihalava Doc Film Fest)


Jihlava Doc Festival, Czech Republic – 2014

Onion City, Chicago – Honourable Mention – 2015

Cinema Nova, Brussels – 2015

Visible Evidence, Toronto – 2015

National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa – 2016

DocPoint, Helsinki – 2016

Cinémathèque Québécoise, Montreal – 2017