Kokoro is for Heart

(16mm, 7 minutes, 1999)

Camera and Editing: Philip Hoffman

Sound Composition and Performance: Gerry Shikatani

Spoken text in English, Japanese and French

Kokoro is for Heart features poet Gerry Shikatani and explores the relationships surrounding language, image and sound, set to the backdrop of a gravel pit. When I got the footage back from the lab I was disappointed because of the periodic flipping of the image. After screening the footage several times I realised that the malfunctioning camera rendered the filmed-nature unnatural…and this poses questions: what is nature? What is natural? (Philip Hoffman)

Communication takes a poetic turn in Kokora is for Heart. Originating as a performance piece, the director, Phil Hoffman, screened segments of this film in a random order selected by the audience (Opening Series 3). Accompanying this was the sound poetry of Gerry Shikatani. From this process the film has found its organic and final structure.

(Liz Czach, Toronto International Film Festival 1999)


Best Experimental at Athens International Film and Video Festival – 2000


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