Films & Installations

                                                                                                                                             vulture                                                                                                                                          HDV/orig on 16mm, 57min., 2019                                                                              Award: Kodak Cinematic Award Ann Arbor Film Festival (World Premiere) 2019

By The Time We Got To Expo
Philip Hoffman/Eva Kolcze, 9 min., 2015

HDV/Orig on 16mm, 45 min., 2014

HDV/Orig on 16mm, 15 min., 2014

Racing Home
Interactive film, HDV using Korsakow software, from an unfinished film by Marian McMahon, indeterminate length, 2014

Lessons in Process
HDV, 30 min., 2012

All Fall Down
HDCAM, 94 min., 2009

ever present going past
DV, 7 min., 2007

What these ashes wanted
16mm, 55 min., 2001

Opening Series 4
16mm, 10 min., 2000

Kokoro is for Heart
16mm, 7 min., 1999

Destroying Angel
16mm, 32 min., 1998 (co-maker Wayne Salazar)

16mm, 15 min., 1996

16mm, 30 min., 1995 (co-maker Sami van Ingen)

Opening Series 3
16mm, 7 min., 1995 (co-maker, Gerry Shikatani)

Technilogic Ordering
16mm, 30 min., 1994

Opening Series 2
16mm, 7 min., 1993

Opening Series 1
16mm, 10 min., 1992

16mm, 34 min., 1990

16mm, 15 min., 1979/89

passing through / torn formations
16mm, 43 min., 1988

?O,Zoo! (The Making of a Fiction Film)
16mm, 23 min., 1986

Somewhere Between Jalostotitlan & Encarnacion
16mm, 6 min., 1984

The Road Ended at the Beach
16mm, 33 min., 1983

On The Pond
16mm, 9 min., 1978

Installations, Interactive Films & Videos

Racing Home. Interactive film, HDV, using Korsakow software, from an unfinished film by Marian McMahon, indeterminate length. Produced through ARC (Adventures in Research-Creation) at Concordia University, 2014.  Racing Home

The Dialogic Illuminations of Marian McMahon. Installation, Border Cultures, Windsor Art Gallery, 2014.  Exhibition

Slaughterhouse. Installation, Landslide: Possible Futures, Markham Museum, 2013.   Installation Excerpt

Walk That Way
DV, Video/Music with Gigi Minor – Symphony Barn, Durham, 8 min., 2005

Beta SP and 16mm, Multi Screen Presentation, AVEK, Helsinki,  50 min., 1997

Opening Series
Film Performance with poet Gerry Shikatani, Pleasure Dome, Toronto, 1996

Beta SP, 17 min., 1996

Ahead of the Rest
S VHS, Installation at Union Station, Public Access, Toronto, 10 min., 1995

Technilogic Ordering
S VHS, Video Installation, Bio Illusion, Helsinki, 52 min., 1992

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