Vipin Sharma, Paul Au, Tracy German, Rob Butterworth, Phil Hoffman, Tony Oliver, Kiti Luostarinen, Steve Zander, Sandra Vida, Srinivas Krishna
The 1st Film Farm 1994 group

*Check back here, in January of 2022, for information pertaining to the next Film Farm workshop planned for July 2022.

Film Farm – The Independent Imaging Retreat 2019

2019 group, under the fallen willow

The independent imaging retreat or “Film Farm” is artist-driven and focuses on the development of individual artists and the production of experimental film works.

For more than 25 years the Film Farm has initiated and enhanced the work of local, national and international filmmakers and has expanded the traditions of experimental filmmaking in Canada.

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The Independent Imaging Retreat acknowledges the generous support of:


   Sponsor of the Akimbo Marian McMahon Award