Racing Home

“Beyond ‘Toolness’” Article by Anna Wiehl on Racing Home and Korsakow in the journal Alphaville (PDF)

(Interactive film, HDV, using Korsakow software, from an unfinished film by Marian McMahon, 2014, indeterminate length.)

Produced through ARC (Adventures in Research-Creation) at Concordia University


“Experimental filmmaker Phil Hoffman revisits the themes of loss, memory and identity in Racing Home, a film originally shot on 8mm and 16mm film in the early 1990’s by his partner Marian McMahon, who succumbed to cancer in 1996. After several iterations of the film, Hoffman was finally able to ‘complete’ it using the Korsakow system. The result is a nonlinear, poetic reflection on Marian’s original themes of identity through his own lens and personal sense of loss and memory of Marian. (Scholar and Korsakow filmmaker Monika Kin Gagnon coined the term ‘posthumous cinema’* to describe this approach to filmmaking.)”


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