Film Farm Retreat 2015 Application


Please ensure that you read all parts of this application (scroll down if you are viewing this in your browser)


June 29th to July 5th (Noon Monday to Sunday evening)


Near Mount Forest, Ontario


Course Fee

$675 (under employed) or $875 (full time employed)
This includes costs of film stock (6 rolls) and chemistry for processing.

Camera Rental

While I encourage you to BYOB (Bring Your Own Bolex), I also offer the following options:


  • Share a Bolex with one other person – Add $50
  • Have a Bolex to yourself – Add $100



The workshop is primarily intended for filmmakers who have had some experience experimenting with the form and content of the medium, as well those who have had similar experiences with other art forms and would like to work with film. There will be 12 participants.

The course will unfold over seven days. Participants will shoot, hand-process film and edit individual and/or group films in 16mm black and white format. Projects will develop over the week – collect : reflect : revise – in this process driven workshop.

As well, nightly screenings of experimental films will take place in the barn film theatre. Workshops will include basics in hand-processing and tinting/toning of movie film, as well, (when needed) workshops in 16mm camera (Bolex) operation, lighting and exposure. Other specialized instruction will take place as needs arise. There will be approximately six staff members to assist you.


Several accommodation options are available, including bed and breakfast, motel or on-site cabins (ranging between $25-$60/night depending on single or double occupancy) and camping ($10/night – four sites available on the property, booked with receipt of workshop confirmation payment). Once participant lists have been established, emails will be distributed in case people want to form accommodation groups to cut costs. (I will help make all this work).


By car, Mount Forest is one hour north of Guelph, and two-and-a-half hours north-west of Toronto. If you need a ride up or if you have a car and could provide a ride up (leaving from the Toronto area), please let me know.

Meals (Lunch & Supper)

There will be a kitchen chef/manager who will take care of meals at a reasonable cost (t.b.a.). Please let me know if you have allergies, or other special needs regarding food. There will be a vegetarian option. While the workshop chef will be sensitive to specific food needs, we cannot create entire separate meal plans for those who require special attention. However we will work with you so let your needs be known ahead of time.

For breakfast and snacks, there is a kitchen available for you in the barn, with fridge, hotplate, and microwave. We will give you more information on the meal plan in the Spring of 2015.


Due to the large number of requests for this workshop we have implemented an application process. This includes submission of application form, sample of work and statement of interest. Please take careful note of each of the deadlines below:


by Feb 25, 2015
Fill out the application (click below) with a sample of your work and submit or mail.

by April 2, 2015
Film Farm 2015 participants announced

by April 16, 2015
Course fee deposit of $350* to confirm your position in the workshop. Deposits are used to purchase materials needed to prepare workshop. 
*Unfortunately due to our ’shoe-string’ budget, we cannot hold a space unless confirmation deposit is received.

by June 1, 2015
• Course fee balance of $325 or $525 (refer to fee structure in Course Fee section above)
• Camera rental fee (if required)
Final payment is required well before workshop begins for reasons stated above.




c/o Phil Hoffman, Rural Route #4, Mount Forest, ON N0G 2L0 Canada